Who is np254?


So you finally made it to my page, welcome!

To start with, my name is Phuong Nguyen – one of the most popular names in Vietnam. That’s why I go by the initials np254. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City in 1997, grew up in Hanoi and currently live in Hamburg.

I’m studying Media and Information at University of Applied Sciences Hamburg (German: Medien und Information, HAW Hamburg), which is a mixture of journalism, PR, Marketing and IT. This sounds messy, but is actually just what I want – I love to write, have subjectively a lot of ideas and a great passion for programming and digital technology in general. What exactly do I want to be later on is fate’s job to decide. I am just living in this moment and this moment only.

To live in “the now” and to be happy are my two greatest aspirations in life. Both are easier said than done.

I am trying to tackle the first challenge – to live in the moment – everyday. Digital pollution is real, and it’s taking away our ability to enjoy life. To set things straight, I am not against digital media. Quite the opposite, as I mentioned, I even love it. I am against overuse in real life. Smartphone screens do not portray life. Cameras do not tell me how I am feeling, what I am smelling, tasting and touching. Likes do not love me. Comments do not talk to me when I have problems. Retweets do not determine my popularity. The number of my Facebook friends or Instagram followers do not necessarily mean that I have a lot of people to count on in reality.

Other times when I’m not babbling about my life philosophy, I focus on being happy and making my loved ones happy. Honestly I believe that life is just too short for everything, let alone negativity and hatred. You see, I tend to think towards closure and the ending of things; because there lies the worth of happiness – it’s precious because it doesn’t last. But hey, that life is short is not ours to decide. So let’s just cherish what we have and be who we are. May our collective happy existence somehow leave an imprint in history and in time, that at a certain period of history at a random blue spot in the universe, there was us, happy.

I would love to meet you all, dear readers, in real life, if there is a chance.
Drop me a line, anytime. Thank you so much for reading until the end.
You just made my day!