Last days of fall

During the most beautiful days of fall, I was stuck with work. My routine was wake up, work, sleep and repeat. I have no complaints though, because work = money.

The only negative outcome of those two weeks lies in the fact that I have no nice stereotypical photos of Europe’s fall – red, yellow, orange leaves covering romantic streets. I did try to grasp that what is left of the sadly short season on its last week, however I’ll save the tragic story for another time.

So here I present you the photos I took during the two last weeks of fall. Some are not even fall-related. However, the warm cast of sunlight is enough to make justice for the lack of theme.

One last disclaimer: This is my first film roll with Praktica MTL 5, which means most of the photos look like what I see without my glasses (out of focus/blurry). It will get better, eventually.

So long, dear friends!

All photos taken with Praktica MTL 5 x Kodak Tmax 400

Whimsical Hamburg. Took this photo during the few seconds between subway stops.

Through this blurry eyes I could’ve been Miss World

Somebody explain to me the trick please?







I swear it looks better IRL

Love these little pals

Phúc comtemplating life (or the tastiness of his currywurst)

And here the unexpected shots:

Light leak #1

Light leak #2


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